Is There Any Hope?

With the attacks that have been happening around the world, the latest being in Brussels, it makes me wonder if there is any hope left for humanity. I had a rant on Facebook not so long ago, my back gate was repeatedly kicked over the course of a few nights until eventually it was damaged beyond repair. I keep myself to myself and very rarely have a cross word with anyone and the police put it down to idiots just thinking it was fun. My rant was about this incident and how could we ever hope for world peace when we can’t even live with respect for each other in the same town.

In the year 2016 and with many wars behind us, with technology as it is, we can have friends in every country from every race, culture and religion, we can and do connect over the internet with people we would have never had the chance to communicate with before, and we can chat, laugh, share jokes and pictures, support each other in times of need and celebrate each others joys. We follow people on social networks we connect and communicate with thousands of people, we don’t care because of what religion we may or may not be, we don’t care about the colour of our skin or our political views, but we care because we get along, we make each other laugh, have interesting conversations and share each others lives. We become internet friends, we become internet family. We may never meet face to face but we care about each other just the same. And yet as the human race we still can’t just accept each other and get along.

We do horrible things to each other around the world every day, the world is becoming a scary place, but as I said above we can’t even live side by side in the same town, we rob, scare, hurt and much worse to our own neighbours with little care of the consequences. We don’t seem to care about the impact our actions can have on others. How their lives may be affected forever because we thought it was fun, or they had something we wanted. It’s time we took responsibility for our own actions and the actions of our children. It’s time we said enough, stop the aggression and hate and just get along.

I only have one child, and I hope that one day when he is my age he will be writing his own blog post on how so much better the world is and how we as humans made it through all this hate. How we now live together accepting the fact that it’s ok to be different from each other because inside we are made all the same. Is there any hope? I really do hope so.


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