10 Awesome Tiger Facts


Fact 1: Tigers are the largest members of the cat family. The Siberian tiger and the Bengal tiger rank amongst the biggest of the subspecies. But all tigers are known for their power and strength.

Fact 2: Tigers are endangered even though there are ten recognised subspecies of tiger, only six remain today. Three subspecies have become extinct in recent times. The tenth became extinct in prehistoric times.

Fact 3: A tiger is usually a solitary animal and are not know to stay in groups. However when forced to live in unnatural circumstances in captivity when they are forced to live together, a group of tigers are known as a “streak” or an “ambush.


Fact 4: A female tiger will normally give birth between two and six cubs per litter. She will bring up the cubs alone with no help from the male.

Fact 5: Sadly only  about half of tiger cubs survive beyond their first two years. They leave their mother between two and two and a half years old.

Fact 6: Unlike some other members of the cat family, tigers love water and are very good swimmers. They often like to cool off on a hot day in a stream or pond.

Fact 7: A tigers stripes are not just for blending into the background. They are unique to each tiger and is one of the ways to tell them apart.

Fact 8: Tigers are meat eaters and because of their strength they can bring down prey twice their size. They have a lack of stamina for a long chase so to ensure a kill they will silently get very close to their prey before they pounce. They will then kill their prey with a bite to the neck or back of the head.

Fact 9: Tigers teeth are very powerful and they rely on them to survive. If for some reason they lose their canine teeth through injury or old age it will no longer be able to hunt and will most likely starve to death.

Fact 10: Like your little kitty cat at home a tiger can purr, the difference being a tiger only purrs when it breathes out whereas its domestic buddies can purr as it breathes both in and out.






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